About Us

Fly Tan are a leading tanning supplement provider. We have been in the tanning business for a long time now and understand what does and does not work.

With our knowledge and experience we have been able to create some outstanding products. We have many repeat customers that have been with us for many years.

The jewel in our crown is the Fly Tan tanning tablets. Our pills actually work. They are powerful, yet fully legal.

They work with most people without sun exposure whatsoever. Another great aspect is that they act as a tanning accelerator. So if someone was to take our tablets and was exposed to the sun, they would tan faster and deeper.

Tan tablets are a safe way to tan and to make things even more impressive is the low costs. This method of tanning must surely be the cheapest way possible.

That’s enough about us here at Fly Tan. We hope to have you as a client for many years to come.